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The Q Factor Laser Clinic

1a Castle Road



Tel : 01803 410 444

Mob : 07830 933526

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Contact : Dave Doyle

q factor

The Q Factor Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic opened for business in 2011 and has been a major success with customers in Torquay.

Our range of services is unrivalled, and we're happy to accommodate any special requests you might have.


tattoo removalQ Factor manufacturer R&D for Aesthetic lasers & treatment for * Scars * Birthmarks * Stretch marks * Fungal Nail * Tattoo Removal * Skin Rejuvenation *sun Spots*  Melasma * Wrinkle Reduction * Thread Vein Removal * Hair Removal & Teeth Whitening

Strangely enough, as tattoos' come & go in & out of fashion, or are
seen as a right of passage for the youth of today, most tattoos' are
done as a desire for change, or to appreciate a particular
design or piece of literature, not to mention "MUM"
or their name of a loved one to show commitment.
As the years roll by, and having plenty of time to reflect on said
Tattoo, we may chose to have a second crack at the whip
by a procedure called a cover up, with a new design covering
the old one. guess what?How would you like to roll the clock back,
to fresh new skin, by removing all traces of tattoos'.
Hands & face are what we see when we meet strangers, sometimes making
a judgement right away of the strangers character, without even trying to get
to know them first. A Tattoo on someone's neck may create a feeling
of unease, or be found offensive, so by a removal of the
Tattoo, we can clean the slate, once and for all.
If you would like a fresh new leaf to turn, contact us for a
FREE CONSULTATION TODAY, where we can discuss your new lease of life,
for passed mistakes, names of football clubs, recording artists,
ex-partners & reminders of our history.
q factor

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